Our enthusiasm and knowledge of environmental and countryside issues make us the ideal choice for productions in this field. Our producers have a broad range of production credits documenting a host of rural and environmental issues.

Among these, ‘Special Report: Rising Tide’ for ITV investigates the impact climate change on low-lying islands such as The Isles of Scilly and Tuvalu.  The three part series ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ explores man’s complex relationship with the sea and coast. Also on ITV, ‘Special Report: A Dying Breed’ presents the plight of dolphins caught in fishing nets  within the wider political situation.

Our team has a passion and enthusiasm for this area, as well as the technical know-how to find solutions to challenging location based shooting.

Working out of Devon and Cornwall, we appreciate how to get the most out of rich locations and understand what makes the countryside tick. With our journalistic approach, we’re at our best covering real people in real places. Whether a production is for instruction or simple entertainment, Greenscreen Productions will ensure it’s compelling, inspiring and honest.

A drop in the ocean (ITV)
Rising tide (ITV)
A dying breed? (ITV)